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WL Marketing.

WL Marketing is a US-based company with offices in India and China, employing around 200 people in total. It helps businesses increase their reach and grow sales through SEO services. Offering fast and affordable solutions, WL Marketing offers such services as content creation and management, video marketing, press release distribution, business listings, and others.

CodinBit worked with WL Marketing in 2015.

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With so many content writers, SEO specialists, marketing managers, and communications experts, WL Marketing was struggling with internal collaboration and management of staff and other resources. CodinBit was tasked with developing an internal system that would help its employees to manage their projects and collaborate more efficiently.

All this had to be accomplished without any interruption to incoming client requests, handling of ongoing projects, or staff performance.

Our approach.

We decided to create a software that would allow the client to manage the large volume of incoming requests and orders it was receiving, while easily distributing work to the most suitable employees within the company. We knew that in order to create a truly meaningful experience for this client, we needed to not only create the functionalities but design them in a way that would help WL Marketing increase the value it was offering to its clients by matching assignments with the employees that would deliver the highest level of satisfaction. In order to avoid any interruptions to their ongoing projects or incoming orders, we developed a staging website, where, together with the client, we tested out all new products and features before they were released to the public.


Our web development solution was multi-layered. We developed such features as chatbots that facilitated WL Marketing’s communication with current and prospective clients. We created an employee tracking system that gave our client an overview of their performance and an easy way to assign projects. We significantly improved user experience by integrating various payment methods in the check-out process and optimizing the cart. Finally, we provided an internal SEO system that could be used by WL Marketing for their clients’ websites.

Our web design team created relevant marketing banners and materials for WL Marketing’s various promotional needs, from google ads to social media marketing. Our design work helped the client drastically increase its reach through an enhanced brand identity.


After CodinBit completed the initial project for WL Marketing, the client witnessed a 200% increase in sales and reported a 150% increase in its employees’ efficiency.

WL Marketing was so satisfied with our work that it led to a two-year-long partnership, during which time we helped them expand their client offering and add numerous powerful features that allowed WL Marketing to get ahead of its competition.

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