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DealHouse is the first-of-its-kind platform in Romania that offers services and products to users on a coupon-basis. With an offering similar to Groupon, DealHouse introduced the local market to this new type of online experience that provided amazing deals on products and services in an accessible and fast manner.

CodinBit worked with DealHouse in 2012.



Web development

Web design

Cloud services



DealHouse wanted to be the first on the Romanian market to offer this specific type of services - coupon-based purchase of products and experiences. However, that meant it had to enter the market and launch its services before Groupon expanded to the region. This put severe time pressure on the team. DealHouse came to CodinBit looking for help in setting up the entire system, from web design to development and implementation of special features and integrations. All of this had to be accomplished in a very short period of time.

Our approach.

In order to meet the deadlines without making any quality compromises, CodinBit pulled in multiple teams on the project that worked in parallel to develop and test our features. We knew that the website had to be powerful and bug-free from the beginning in order to avoid costly re-designs in the future. We mapped out a strategy that incorporated every aspect of the project from design layout, to server requirements, to code standards, to integrations and mobile APIs for future development as mobile native apps.


We offered a full range of web development services to DealHouse. We created the system using the Symfony PHP framework and SVN versioning. This gave us and our client better control over the flow of the project. We integrated multiple payment options, customizing them to the ones available on the Romanian market. Furthermore, we developed a range of features that allowed for the automation of such processes as uploading new offers, monitoring sales, processing orders, and much more. Setting up the system from the start meant the client could launch their offering with maximum operational efficiency.

Our web design team supported the client by designing unique marketing banners and materials that accommodated DealHouse’s diverse marketing needs: online ads, social media campaigns, newsletters and automated emails etc. We developed a brand identity that appealed to the target demographic and could serve the client for many years to come.


DealHouse was incredibly happy with the results and admitted that they picked the right partner in CodinBit. Our team’s help allowed DealHouse to get to the #1 position on the market and stay there for a long time, beating such powerful competitors as Groupon and FunDeal.

Furthermore, our web development and design services, including the automation system we put in place, resulted in a 44% increase of the client’s profit margin and a 133% increase in new signup. We are so grateful that we were able to be a part of this successful journey!

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