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RaceAdvisor (, a UK-based platform with international reach, helps improve your chances of winning money from the bookies. Focusing on horse racing, the site offers a large amount of information to its visitors, both on a free and members-only access basis. With the community of over 187,000 members, RaceAdvisor is one of the most popular knowledge platforms in the field.

We have been working with RaceAdvisor for the last 2 years, helping them improve their site performance and offer better user experience to its large community of users, attracting more and more members.

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Web Development


Cloud Services

Wordpress Development


RaceAdvisor lacked stability in the development of its website needs. Having worked with numerous developers and agencies over the years, RaceAdvisor was experiencing the problem of an unstable, nested code that was full of bugs. CodinBit was tasked with optimizing and streamlining the website both in terms of its load speed and security.

Our regular system Audit report revealed additional problems that impeded user experience and membership growth:

  • Cloud services were not optimized for maximum load speed
  • The website had a number of security leaks
  • The system needed an update to its core, plugins and extensions
  • The server main components were deprecated in version and an upgrade was mandatory at that point.

Our approach.

CodinBit decided to offer RaceAdvisor a full-stack solution that would not only restructure the codebase and database but upgrade the security of the website and members’ information. Such an approach allowed CodinBit to identify and rebuild layers of the website, which were accessed by users most frequently, update the membership area, and create product bundles.


On the web development front, we decided to add the GitHub flow with local docker development and helped develop and gain a controller that clearly established access levels for different types of users. By developing and quality testing all changes on a staging website, CodinBit was able to address RaceAdvisor’s needs without any disruption of its services to its users, assuring business continuity while working on the website system.

In order to reduce the latency and increase the load speed of the requests, our team re-organized RaceAdvisor’s cloud services by both optimizing their count and eliminating the unnecessary resources enabling the website to be better ranked on SEO basis.

By adding GitHub as a layer to the development process, allowed us to run a security audit, which identified a number of security leaks. CodinBit then addressed those issues and gained control over all the foreign accesses to the server or code by previous developers or agencies, further improving the website’s security and making the website safer to browse and interact with by all the clients.


RaceAdvisor’s collaboration with CodinBit allowed it to not only address all website issues that stacked up over the years in a cohesive prompt manner, but it put in place a robust foundation that could be scaled up for future growth. We helped RaceAdvisor deliver the bundle of products in time to meet the affiliates and sponsors program needs, which resulted in a high conversion rate. In fact, the first bundle that was developed by us became the most successful product of RaceAdvisor.

We are honored that RaceAdvisor chose us as its go-to full-stack development partner and are happy to report that we contributed to the company’s 145% membership growth in the last 2 years.

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